Why Climatotherapy in Safaga?

Safaga is located 60 km south of Hurgada on the Red Sea coast. It is so beautiful, so relaxing and also very healthy .The city's air is pure, dry and warm. Safaga's potential health benefits have recently been the focus of media spotlight when a group of scientists from the National Research Centre (NRC) found that it helps in the treatment of psoriasis (a chronic skin disease whose reason remains unknown) and rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic progressive form of arthritis causing inflammation in the joints). According to the NRC research team; there are several natural factors in Safaga which make it so appropriate for therapy. The high mountains act as a natural barrier against wind and sand storms. The air is thus free of any suspended grime that could divert and absorb ultraviolet rays’ essential in treating psoriasis. The curve of the bay accounts for the calm sea, which reflects UV rays further. Due to the abundance of coral reefs, the water is 35 % saltier than it is in other seas the matter that helps in psoriasis treatment. More salt, as evidenced in the Dead Sea, also means less gravity -- thought to improve blood circulation. The balance in saline concentration inside and outside the body also affects the therapy positively according to the NRC. Sand in the area has also been found to contain radioactive elements and minerals effective in rheumatoid therapy. Analysis also showed that the soil contain black sandwich is useful in curing acute and chronic arthritis, rheumatism and skin inflammation. Those suffering from rheumatoid ailments could bury their bodies in the black sand -- with the exception of the head, stomach and chest -- twice a day after sunrise and before sunset. Treatment course lasts about a month.
Psoriasis patients, on the other hand, bathe in the sea and lie in the sun, also twice a day. The duration of exposure to the sun is prescribed by the therapist and a patient should see rapid improvement in about a month, depending on whether the case is slight or acute as acute. According to Dr Hani El-Nazer, professor of dermatology at the NRC and the supervisor of Safaga's medical programme, the NRC study conducted at the resort showed enormous clinical improvement in 85 % of psoriasis cases. Over 65 % of the patients did not have a recurrence of the disease.
"Psoriasis medications, however, have harmful side effects," El-Nazer said. "There is also a high incidence of recurrence. In Safaga, on the other hand, the recurrence rate is mild." According to El-Nazer, the NRC started studying climatic therapy in Safaga when a tourist village there informed them that a group of German tourists, several of whom suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and skin ailments, said their symptoms had improved markedly during their short stay in Safaga. The NRC set up a team to conduct a survey of the climatic effects of Safaga on skin and rheumatoid diseases. The study showed that the percentage of rheumatism patients living in Safaga is only 0.014 %, compared to the international average of 1.5 to 2 %. Similarly, psoriasis patients represent only 0.008 % of Safaga's population compared to the average of one to three per cent for any given population.
Two sample groups of rheumatism and psoriasis patients were sent to Safaga to spend four weeks under medical supervision. A marked clinical improvement had occurred in 85 % of psoriasis patients, while 70 to 75 % of rheumatoid patients responded positively to the treatment and their pains have been consequently alleviated. Follow-up studies indicated that 40 to 45 % of rheumatoid patients remained in good condition until six months after climatotherapy
Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease ( autoimmune-disorder) mainly affecting the joints swelling, pain, loss of joints function and shape] with prevalence 1-3% all over the world…Climatic Therapy as a gate of hope gives the patient Natural, Safe, Alternative method to control the hyper activity of the disease away from the traditional immunosuppressants which have many bad side effects on body …Depending on specific criteria patients chosen well for this procedure ( medical - contact needed before) , course is (16-20 Sessions) in black sands ( one session in morning and one in afternoon) with well-trained medical staff, instructions given to the patients during course ( course is 10 days , time of climatic therapy from start of May till end of October), 80% of patients respond well to this procedure, symptoms relief and specific lab investigations improvement after the course proofs it is not a kind of physiotherapy. Simply it’s Natural immunosuppressant method to control Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Why Climatotherapy at Menaville?

The enormous efforts made by Menaville Safaga Resort to scientifically explain the phenomena of Climatotherapy at Safaga resulted in unprecedented achievements in that field. Accordingly, Menaville has been fitted with all means of comfort to help patients to enjoy their stay in excellent hospitality conditions. Hospitality does not mean only quality of services, but for patients it may mean privacy, so the solarium area in Menaville is fenced and divided into four isolated sections; two for women, and two for men. In addition, Menaville Resort provides the medical follow up for patients that includes sort of case study for the patient to decide the suitable medical course, and to determine the duration and timing of using Black Sand or Sun Bathes. Menaville Resort is distinguished in the whole Red Sea area with providing Climatotherapy Services on scientific base.